Pop-up: Hash Hut


14 Feb 22

We are delighted to welcome Hash Hut to BOXPARK Croydon for a 3-month pop-up kitchen.

They produce gorgeous nuggets of golden potato goodness, dressed up with funky and flavourful favourites.

We caught up with the team and founder James to find out more...

Tell us about yourself...

Hash Hut was born on the snack section of a fine dining restaurant dressing this humble nugget of goodness up to Michelin level. After working at a number of restaurants, ski chalets and private homes, I found my self at a Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Nottingham. A truly special place! At the end of service, if I ever had any spare Hash Browns, I would do a big plate up topped with any leftover prep and serve it up to the chefs as an end of day treat. We put everything on them from Black Garlic caramel to fresh truffle and smoked Cuttlefish, and it was always, without doubt a sensational flavour bomb of sumptuousness!

This sparked the concept to really showcase Hash Browns for the sensational vessel they really are, topping them with recipes cooked with the attention to detail and flavour they deserve, with techniques and skills learned at an exceptional level of cooking.

After a number of pop ups and festivals, we realised what a hit they were, and set out to propel Hash Browns to the pinnacle of cuisine where they belong, searching for a place that could give our quest a home.

Which song best sums up your brand?

That's a really tough one! It would be a weird mix of 'Callin Out - Lyrics Born' and 'Noko Hewon - Afrik Bawantu'.

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

Something abit different. Magical, golden Spuds. Fun food cooked exceptionally and a good giggle. We have a pretty large list of things we want to try on the specials board so be ready for some madness on there. Since doing festivals we realised Hash Hut is made to go with great tunes as well, so as much banging beats and funky fun as possible!

Which item from your current menu is your favourite?

We are split on this one between the Mad head Mac Top with the truffle supplement and the Hatsu Brown. Since Introducing the Hash Chips though, they are way up there as well! Its like choosing your favourite child!