Pop-up: Hidden Gems Design


3 Aug 21

We're delighted to welcome Hidden Gems to unit 18 at BOXPARK Shoreditch for a week pop-up up until the end of the year.

Hidden Gems  design products from reclaimed urban wood and ceramics that fit in with the wood. They are inspired by nature and design using the natural textures, colours and flow of each uniquely sourced wood.

We caught up with founder Steve to learn more...

Tell us about yourself...

In a hectic world, we've chosen a calm & peaceful direction leading to timeless results.

Each is unique & hand carved in London from urban reclaimed trees, giving a sustainable & balanced approach to using wood, diverting them from waste stream into a resource.

Founder Steve Nyman has always had a deep passion for nature and the feel and visual beauty that nature provides....on a long awaited trip to the Far East, he stopped and discovered the reality of his love and passion, pure untouched nature. He stumbled across drifted woods and unique shells of all shapes and sizes and was immediately drawn and attached to them. With an urge to bring home one specific driftwood but didn't due to it's size, he left with some interesting shells instead and with his visual photographic memory he headed home with an aim to make his dream come true.

Some time later in London, he managed to source & design these harmonious treasures for your home.

With an amazing team of wood experts who share his passion and love, Hidden Gems Design are able to make what we hope you'll treasure as much as we do. Hand made in London with love and care, using top quality skills, well sourced materials and deeply researched natural finishes that are food friendly, without destroying the natural colours and textures of the specifically sourced rare wood.

'With our energy and the energy of nature, will will lighten and change your home with it's feel and visual beauty our our hidden gems'.

Which song best sums up your brand?

The Sea (Bossa Nova Cover)

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

A unique beautiful set of designs, layout and lifestyle.

Which item from your current selection is your favourite?

I love all of them, maybe the Super sculpture bowl.