POP-UP: House of Henna


24 Aug 20

This week at BOXPARK Shoreditch, our pop-up space at unit 26 is taken over by House of Henna London.

House of Henna London creates beautiful temporary body art and tattoos using 100% organic Henna and Jagua Ink, art-forms which have been enjoyed and adorned on the body for centuries. Henna has always played a big part in the Asian and Middle Eastern Communities and Jagua Ink has been used for body art by Amazonian tribes. House of Henna London aim to make this traditional art form accessible to all.

We asked owner Alma a few questions so that you can get to know them that bit more…

Tell us about yourself…

Tattoos are undeniably cool but for various reasons I can’t have a permanent tattoo. Being from the Asian community, I have always had henna in my life. However, people would only ever have henna done on hands and feet and usually to celebrate a special occasion. My view is why stop at hands and feet and why only on a special occasion? Why can’t I just pop into a henna salon and have a temporary tattoo in any design and on any body part, just like a real tattoo! What is more creatively expressive than your own individual body art? Why does that expression need to be permanent? Change it to match the season, suit the mood or to fit the occasion. My motto is life’s too short for permanent Ink!

I’d organised various henna parties for friends and community events, moving onto a commercial setting and offering this cool service to everyone (particularly to those who have not or don’t come across henna very often) seemed like the most natural thing to do. It’s so exciting as there is hardly any salon which is dedicated to doing temporary tattoos in the way we are. I’m not a henna artist myself, but have hand selected very talented henna artists to join my team. I’m a solicitor by profession, House of Henna London allows me to get away from the rigid corporate world, into something I love, something more creative and artistic. Every now and again, I grab a henna cone and am surprised at the lovely designs I create. Although, my team of artists are the super talented ones when it comes to beautiful body art :))

Temporary pop-up parlours is such a great idea (and suits my busy life-style), it means we can pop up anywhere and provide this cool service to a whole array of different customers and catch the vibes of that particular location. For that reason alone, there was simply going to be no other location but Boxpark, Shoreditch to launch our very first pop-up parlour. The street art and creativity which just oozes out of Shoreditch compliments our body-art services perfectly.

Which song best sums up your brand?

7 rings – Ariana Grande

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

An exciting new service, one not done before at BOXPARK, a sharing of cultures. Our pop-up salon will be a relaxed hang out, with minimalistic chic interior because after all, we want the beautifully created body art to take the limelight!

Which item from your current menu is your favourite?

Our tattoos are bespoke and as individual as the customer who walks through our door, however, my personal absolute fave is small hummingbird tattoo on the top of my back-it’s too cute!