Pop-up: I Got That Crystal Healing


5 Apr 22

We are delighted to welcome I Got That Crystal Healing for a week-long pop-up in unit 15 at BOXPARK Shoreditch.

I Got That Crystal Healing is a new age positivity brand, that incorporates crystal healing in day to day lifestyle products.

We caught up with the team to learn more...

Tell us about yourself...

I got that crystal healing ltd was founded in 2020 by Layla and Charlotte.
Layla always had a love for crystals but decided she wanted to further her passion for them by qualifying in crystal healing. Continuing her interest by learning more everyday and helping others start they’re crystal/spiritual journey.

Charlotte's loved yoga and meditation for many years and has studied energy healing, qualifying in subtle body anatomy and meditation teaching. She uses her knowledge to help others understand the energy healing side of crystals.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake - As soon as anyone hears our company name they mention this song.

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

You will find our full range of crystals as well as our home decor, jewellery, health and beauty collections. We will also have a great crystal pic a mix selection!

Pop in to see and smell our popular handmade crystal candles, the perfect gift for anyone with a touch of sparkle.

All of our products are vegan an ethical.

Show this and receive 10% off during our time at BOXPARK.

Which item from your current SELECTION is your favourite?

It would have to be our Rose and Rhubarb Rose quartz candles. Not only do they look beautiful but they fill the room with a scent like no other.