Pop-up: Lab Tonica


29 Mar 22

We are delighted to welcome Lab Tonica to unit 21 for a week-long pop-up.

We caught up with the team to find out more...

Tell us about yourself...

Growing up I always had an affinity to nature and spent a lot of my childhood out foraging for mushrooms with my mum and playing in woodlands with my sister. But this connection with the natural world, seemed all but forgotten as I forged a 15 year career in advertising and city life.

Whilst pregnant with my second child I was experiencing increased feelings of anxiety and restlessness. I would often turn to a cup of soothing herbal tea to calm me, and during one of these ta drinking moments I was truck by how old fashioned and chintzy most herbal tea brands looked; there didn't seem to be much out there that talked to a younger, more design conscious audience. The same audience who seemed increasingly more interested in healthy living and sustainable brands. And so I had an idea to launch a contemporary herbal brand. I left advertising, studied herbal medicine and spent three years designing, studying and creating. In February 2021 I launched Lab Tonica.

The five inaugural collections are focused around lifestyle needs, with a design aesthetic that takes herbal products out of the medicine cupboard and onto the cosmetic shelf. The branding is desirable, yet approachable with easily to use formats. Our mission is to bring the healing power of plants to a new urban audience.

The collections are:
Unplugged, for sleep
Breathe, for calm
POW, for energy
Fend, for immunity
Saucy, for libido

Each collection features an herbal tea, pillow mist, aromatherapy balm and diffuser oil. With aromatherapy candles launching very soon!

I've had a great first year with a growing number of UK stockists, a four month pop-up in Regent Street, a tea bar in Kensington, a schedule of workshops, events, collaborations and some really wonderful press and media coverage. And now this fantastic pop-up opportunity at Box Park!

What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

Lab Tonica will bring an explosion of colour and herbal goodness to Shoreditch. The Lab Tonica rainbow will adorn the walls, the scents of herbs and oils will fill the air and the good people of East London will have an extra spring in their step with our free samples of POW in store.

We will be offering hands on herbal workshops and lots of sensory delights.

Which item from your current SELECTION is your favourite?

We have products for every mood and moment, so what's my mood right now? Well it's Friday and the sun shinning and right now I'm sipping on a cup of utterly delectable Saucy herbal tea. Packed with fruity floral flavours, this tea makes you feel great, gets you in the mood and tastes equally good as an iced tea with a splash of rum or as a sensually soothing hot cuppa.