14 Feb 23

LY|LA takes you from smart-working to the fitness studio – and beyond. Currently in Unit 15 of BOXPARK Shoreditch, come down and check them out.

The ritual of getting ready in the morning to go to work, yet remaining at home, is the mindset that most resonates with LY|LA’s approach to activewear. Feeling comfortable at home, whilst being “dressed” to step outside for a meeting or hosting people for dinner. Getting kitted for a yoga class without the need to change, to carry on with a busy schedule. Dressing-up & dressing-down with LY|LA is playful and versatile – from day to evening, in and out of the training studio.

The LY|LA Team comes from many years of combined experience in the Fashion & Sportswear arena and is behind the collaborations between PUMA and Alexander McQueen, Sergio Rossi and Rihanna. Our vision for LY|LA is to motivate people to become a wholesome version of themselves, with a focus on the balance of body & mind. Helping them to embrace physical exercise right from the outset and taking them through their transformation process with activewear that helps them feeling good about themselves, in and out of the fitness studio. Having travelled around the world to design & develop fashion and sportswear, we became acutely aware of the environmental issues related to excess production and ethical sourcing. We learned first-hand the complexities and contradictions of sustainability – and how the notion of sustainability is often mis-sold. For LY|LA we adopted a “slow fashion” approach – we only make to order in our Italian atelier, both in standard sizing as well as made-to-measure. All fabrics are made in Italy and represent the best-in-class, when it comes to performance and sustainability.


Photographer – Han Lee de Boer