Pop-up: Ohana CBD


14 Dec 20

We’re delighted to welcome Ohana CBD to BOXPARK Shoreditch, who will open at unit 26 for a one week stay.

Ohana is a plant-based CBD skincare company. Their products naturally derived plant-based actives and ingredients combined with the highest quality CBD. They believe that skincare is self care and consciously source all of their ingredients, from seed to self.

We caught up with founder Jasmin to learn more about what inspired her…

Tell us about yourself…

I (Jasmin Thomas) was diagnosed with MS in 2015. In effort to alleviate the frustrating symptoms, I discovered CBD and started making our hero product (current version is the All-in-One Wonder Balm) in my kitchen. It helped with everything from period cramps to stress to flare ups that I would experience. The CBD and wellness sector have allowed me to embrace my passions for sustainability, women’s empowerment and health and wellness. I believe wellness is personal and we should all have access to principles of self care at our disposal that allow us to live our best lives.

Ohana means family. The name is a dedication to the majoritively female dominated very strong family I come from. Their strength, inner beauty and resilience keep me forever inspired.

Like everything, the products we use as children influence what we use when we are older, as does our mothers and grandmothers routines. When it comes to skin care and my preference for product choice, this has been influenced by family, who are black and tend to use oils and plant butters, such as cocoa butter shea butter. These ingredients originally come from africa and are common in houses of the diaspora. They are also going to be very nourishing and soothing for the skin.

We believe in sustainability from seed to self. This means that we take into consideration every point of the supply chain from cultivation to production to application. For me, suitability is the conscious awareness and effort not to cause destruction to the planet or have a negative impact on the ecosystems that support our very existence.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

Our popup is a CBD Wellness Boutique. It’s the ultimate range of CBD products, from Hiatus’ premium CBD vape, Dr. Ed’s capsule and tincture blends, Pure Ratio’s CBD transdermal patches and Ohana’s self care skincare. Give the gift of calm this holiday season. All of us need some extra TLC, and our space at BOXPARK will bring you into a world of lush relaxation. Enjoy a moment away to take a break and welcome in rest and restoration.

Which item from your current RANGE is your favourite?

All-in-One Wonder Balm