Pop-up: River God


5 Apr 22

We are delighted to welcome River God to unit 21 at BOXPARK Shoreditch for a week-long pop-up.

RIVER GOD is a luxury streetwear label founded in 2021 with heavy focus on sustainability and ethical practices. Products are crafted with high-end, organic materials and fabrics to produce the finest quality garments with as minimal impact on our planet as possible.

We caught up with founder Alexei to find out more…

Tell us about yourself…

Hi, I’m Alexei. I’m the creative director and founder of RIVER GOD. I’ve always wanted to launch my own clothing label and had been designing and sampling clothes since I was 15. I used to resell vintage clothes from markets and charity shops to afford the samples but once Covid hit I couldn’t fund it anymore. I started to offer freelance design for small streetwear labels to fund the label and improve my design skills, and through doing this it led to me having enough capital to launch RIVER GOD. I’m very passionate about sustainability and ethics in fashion, so I ensure our products are GOTS certified and cruelty-free. A vision for the brand is to create it as an experience rather than just a collection of products, and this vision starts by bringing the products to life at BOXPARK.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Kanye West – I Wonder

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What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?

Combining virtual and physical set-pieces to create an immersive, experimental retail experience that you won’t forget.

Which item from your current SELECTION is your favourite?

Our Mushroom Double-Zip Switch-Patch hoodie. The colour, fit and quality are a result of 6 months of sampling and you can definitely tell when you have one in hand.