11 Oct 22

OPEN 10 OCT - 16 OCT

Roy's People (Roy Tyson) began is 2012 after Roy began taking photographs of a model train track using an iPhone 4. Intrigued by the perspective, Roy acquired some figures and set about adapting them in order to create dioramas on the streets of London interacting with the real world. Photographic prints were created as a result alongside wall hanging installations for the general public to buy. Roy has since created photographs to coincide with large marketing campaigns for companies such as Apple, Byron Burger, The Royal Mint, Zizzi, Sealife to name a few. Artworks can now be viewed throughout the UK at Whitewall Galleries & Clarendon Fine Art. Inspired by rural and costal landscapes, Sam Peacock has challenged the traditional notion of landscape painting in every aspect of his work. Peacocks, unique interpretation of landscape painting involves the use of non-traditional oil base paints, varnishes, coffee grains and a variety of raw materials, all composed on a sheet of steel. Colour, being a major aspect of the work is inspired by the colours of the land itself with each pallet being created from one specific location.

Experimenting with the balance of colour and light on steel over the last 30 years and exchanging the traditional paintbrush for a roller and a blow torch, Peacock’s unique take on art has propelled Peacocks’ career, making him one of the most sought after contemporary landscape artists of our time.