Powered by Plants


20 Jun 18

British summer. Wash-out BBQs, socks and sandals, two-tone tans and…Wimbledon. Summer sure starts to look a bit samey in the UK (World Cup aside), but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Chilango, Boxpark Croydon’s hub of bangin’ burritos and tasty tacos, have devised a menu that’s sure to rock your socks (and sandals) off. This sunny season, Chilango want you to grab life by the greens with their incredible Power by Plants menu featuring delicious vegan meals that are under 500 calories!

First up is the mouth-watering sweet potato burrito. And if you’re thinking that Chilango must be skimping on the good stuff for it to be just 497 calories then, buddy, you couldn’t be more wrong. This bad boy is loaded with roasted sweet potato wedges, coriander-lime rice, black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce and a tangy BBQ salsa.

Chill NON-carne anyone? Yup, this sumptuous serving is completely meat-free and packed with fresh and delicious ingredients – sweet potato, squash, kidney beans, rice and pico de gallo, and all for just 460 calories.

If you want to dive even lower on the calorie count then look no further than the vegan salad and vegan box meals – think vegan naked burrito and you’re almost there. These healthy parcels are packed with fresh ingredients, including, grilled peppers, black beans, onions, salsa, lettuce and coriander-lime rice.

Feeling just a little peckish? No bother, Chilango have your back. The roasted sweet potato wedges and BBQ salsa is a certified winner.

So, if you’re looking for light bites, vegan treats, and healthy lunchtime options then look no further than Chilango; open 7 days a week at Boxpark Croydon.

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