Premier League Action


13 Aug 18

It’s hard to believe that Premier League season is already upon us after the drama and excitement of the 2018 World Cup.

England fans went viral with their jubilant World Cup celebrations with Gary Lineker even championing the crowds at Boxpark. This time around it’s personal as the Premier League whittles the competition down to clubs dotted around the country.

As usual, you can expect full coverage on the big screen at Boxpark Croydon, where footie fans will be encouraged to don their colours, grab a beer and a bite, and take their place for what’s gearing up to be an incredibly competitive season of quality football.

Local team Crystal Palace play their first home game against Liverpool on Monday 20 August.

There was much talk following Palace’s weekend game against Fulham. This match was set to demonstrate the ability of the new Fulham squad but it ended in a fierce defeat with one player’s name on everyone’s lips – Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

The Croydon boy absolutely dominated the game with his show of pace and prowess, and his consistent delivery on the pitch helped to secure Palace a confident win, and a markedly better start to the season than last year’s disappointing defeat to Huddersfield.

You can catch all the action live from 8pm on Monday 20 August. Head to our Events page to get a look at the games ahead