Put your wellbeing first as Spring arrives


30 Mar 22

Spring is finally here! The last two years have put a huge strain on us as a society with the effects of Covid and lockdown still felt today. As we emerge from the biggest health crisis in human history, ‘wellness’ has never been so ingrained in our minds, and gym fanatics are paying attention to the fact their body also needs rest. So in 2022 expect to see a shift back to the ‘health’ aspect of ‘health and fitness’. 

Finally we have made it through the cold, depressing winter months and now that we are moving into Spring, it’s time to look forward and put yourself and your wellbeing first! Spring is all about rebirth and having a new lease of life, the flowers are starting to bloom so treat your body the same and give it the products it needs to feel its best. 

We have rounded up a wellbeing wishlist from our retailers at BOXPARK Shoreditch to give you that spring clear mind and glow!