Reeves’ ‘Show Your Colours’ Pop-Up @BOXPARK


30 Aug 17

On September 15th & 16th, one of the world’s longest running creative and lifestyle brands, Reeves, is heading here to BOXPARK Shoreditch, on a mission to democratise creativity and encourage everyone to Show Your Colours!

Reeves, who have been producing artists materials for 250 years, is transforming our unit 26 pop-up into a creative hub to demonstrate how everyone can be inspired, with simple, everyday tasks.

Show Your Colours comes off the back of Reeves’ recent rebrand and relaunch as part of its quest to make creativity accessible to all and help us all find time in our day to ‘switch off’ in meaningful ways.

Daniel Mark Carr, Senior Global Brand Manager at Reeves, said: “We are living in an increasingly ‘always on’ society. Surveys suggest that 80 per cent of us will check our mobile phones as the very first thing we do each day. We spend an average of almost nine hours on screen every day.

“There’s a creative side in all of us and studies have shown that ‘switching off’ and using this time meaningfully can have a beneficial effect. We want to show everyone just how rewarding and enjoyable just a few minutes of creativity can be.”

A recent study found 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

Carr, continued: “These days, creativity means so much more than ‘fine art’, and while consumers are increasingly embracing their creative side, we want to be able to encourage more of that. Reeves has been at the forefront of enabling creativity for 250 years and we want to continue empower consumers to harness their creativity through Show Your Colours.”

Acclaimed illustrator and printmaker, Elliot Kruszynski, has partnered with Reeves to ignite their new mission and will also be in attendance at Boxpark, sharing his tips and advice. Elliot’s designs are being brought to life at the events through an animated flipbook and postcards which attendees can personalise with Reeves wide range of newly rebranded products.

Elliot Kruszynski, said: “Creativity is about taking inspiration from everywhere and getting stuck in. I don’t like to plan stuff out because creativity is a state of mind – it’s not about right or wrong, and it certainly isn’t a qualification. I’m excited to be working with Reeves to show how everyone has a creative side and the benefits of embracing this. I encourage everyone to get involved and join us at the London Show Your Colours event.”

Attendees will be given a free gift pack to continue their creative journey and can tap into Reeves extensive online content of how-to videos and ideas for creative inspiration – all available on and Reeves social channels. They will also receive exclusive discounts at Reeves partnering retailer, Cass Art.

Mark Cass, CEO and founder at Cass Art, said: “We are extremely excited to be working with Reeves – art for all is both our mantra’s and we look to unleash creativity across the UK. Reeves has curated perfect sets with everything you need to express yourself.”

‘Show Your Colours’ is a drop in event where everyone is welcome and no registration is needed.

You can catch Reeves’ ‘Show Your Colours’ Pop-Up on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th September in unit 26 of BOXPARK Shoreditch!