Ribs for a Penny


6 Mar 18

The UK’s leading rib and burger joint, Chicago Rib Shack, is heading to south London - Boxpark Croydon to be exact. 

This Friday, you're invited to sample some succulent ribs for just one penny apiece. No, really. Chicago Rib Shack are so crazy about their ribs that they're launching the new restaurant in a big, big way. So, if you have a fistful of loose change in the bottom of your pocket, or you have a big ol' jar of pennies knocking about, then you best get yourself down here, pronto. 

Oh, and when these guys say "1 penny", they mean, literally, ONE penny. Don't be busting out a £5 note and expecting £4.99 in change; no sir, that crazy paper money won't fly here. They want your pennies and pennies only; no other change will be accepted.

So, what about these ribs, huh? What's so special about them? Alright, let me lay it out for you.

These are world-class, thickly coated BBQ ribs. They're tender, they're tasty, they're everything a good rib should be. But it's not just about the ribs! Boxpark's incredible new eatery will also feature giant stacked burgers, soft pulled pork and delicious cocktails. You can enjoy beef, chicken and lamb, as well as a selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan options; including their BBQ pulled jackfruit!

The awesome chefs of Chicago Rib Shack have also been busying themselves with brand new and exclusive recipes for Boxpark Croydon. 
Customers will get to sample the brand-new Big Mic Burger, a giant double beef burger, seasoned and smoked on the grill, and served with some sweet potato fries. There’s also a whole new menu honouring “loaded” fries and their very original Cheesecake-on-a-Stick for dessert: chilled, dipped and topped your way! Grab a tissue, I can tell you're salivating.

Roger Payne, owner of the Chicago Rib Shack brand and Camden Dining Group, thinks the location of London’s latest Boxpark is an inspired choice.

“Bringing Chicago Rib Shack to Boxpark Croydon is the first of three new proposed Chicago Rib Shacks due to open in 2018.  Croydon has now established itself as the new home of the capital’s street art movement alongside a number of major tech companies setting-up-shop. It’s an eclectic mix of South Londoners who are no stranger to good food and a great night out.”

So, there you have it; Chicago Rib Shack's arrival is imminent and guaranteed to be a firm favourite in Croydon. Their mouth-watering menu is almost at your BBQ coated fingertips; so, get those pennies ready and get in line, folks. It's about to get real messy in a very beautiful way at Chicago Rib Shack, launching this Friday 9 March at Boxpark Croydon.


Chicago Rib Shack will not be accepting reservations for their launch event. You can follow them online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more delicious updates.