19 Aug 22

Ronnie Loko is a London based musician/DJ known for his energetic live performances and weekly show ‘The Loko Effect’.

His musical style showcases an ability to mix and blend influential dance beats stemming from his Ghanaian heritage, London upbringing and American trap sounds. The unique fusion between worlds of dance and rap music is what Ronnie defines as ‘Trap House.’

Ronnie Loko’s musical works have been featured on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss FM, Rinse FM, Represent and more. Working with great brands like Red Bull, Subpac and Boxpark he brings together live acts with amazing machine creation.

With regular shows running also on No Signal and Oroko radio, Ronnie Loko is making moves with his sound.

Check out a special #ONTHEDECKS mix from Ronnie Loko

Listen to Ronnie Loko’s Spotify Playlist: