Shift K3Y x London Mozart Players


21 Jul 17

On Wednesday 19 July, all eyes were on Boxpark Croydon as we held our biggest event of the summer so far.

Doors opened at 6:30pm as ticket holders and the curious folk of Croydon swept through the entrance beside East Croydon station and made their way to the bars and restaurants below. Friends congregated and planted themselves down for some quality food and beverages before the evening's music began.

Our first support act for the night came from the lyrical and vocal talent of, London lad, George Cosby. His dulcet tones perfectly soundtracked the early evening proceedings and set a chilled vibe for diners to unwind to. 

The London Mozart Players were next to take the stage. This Croydon-based ensemble makes up the UK’s first chamber orchestra and, these days, they’re winning fans with their classic take on contemporary sounds. The LMP held the crowd’s attention with a stunning classical set that perfectly reverberated around the steel containers and echoed onto the streets outside. The dramatic highs and soothing lows really stirred the audience with excitement for the main event.

FTSE took it up-tempo next, on the decks, with an energetic set that had people parting with their seats and up on their feet. The main area in the events space began to fill up as revellers let the music take over and lead them to the dance floor.

With a backdrop of the gorgeous south London sunset, The London Mozart Players returned to the stage with the hyper-talented DJ and producer Shift K3Y, who opened with his summer anthem ‘I Know’. Shift K3Y, born Lewis Jankel, is just 24 years old but this north Londoner has already made a huge name for himself in the world of dance music. There’s so much to be said for a DJ/orchestra collaboration. Many loved and well known electronic anthems feature classical elements, and being able to hear those components live takes the music to new levels. We were treated to self-produced Garage track 'Gone Missing' featuring BB Diamond, as well as Future's gigantic 'Mask Off', before dropping the incredible 'Flowers' remix from Sam Divine and Curtis Gabriel and the legendary Architechs anthem 'Body Groove'. Shift K3Y dropped tune after tune all to the full backing of the London Mozart Players who really came into their own for the grand finale of MJ Cole's 'Crazy Love'.

It was an unforgettable night and we hope you all enjoyed sharing it with us. If you missed the event, not to worry, UKF kindly came down to provide a live stream, which is still available to watch via Facebook.