Shop: One O Eight


13 Jun 17

Our clothes are a reflection of ourselves. What we wear determines how we want to be seen by others. Sometimes, we want to be outlandish and make a statement, and sometimes we want to be stylishly subtle. But for many women living in London, it's about finding that special something that reflects the pace and practicality of living a demanding life. 

This was the focus and inspiration of One O Eight which started life in January 2015. The design team set about creating pieces that were stylish, understated  and even a little androgynous. They sourced a selection of fabrics and materials from South Korea and experimented with a range of designs, colours and patterns to create something thoughtful and original. 

It's about celebrating the individual.

One O Eight's online collection is truly staggering. There are so many innovative styles to choose from in tops, trousers, dresses, jewellery and so much more. Their unit at Boxpark Shoreditch stocks some considered gems from their repertoire and it's clear to see how they've amassed such a loyal fanbase.

The look is both traditional and contemporary. You can find familiar and trusted fabrics like denim but the colours, shape and cut present their own individual design. One O Eight's range is both expected and unexpected. They're exciting and bold and they dare to be different when it comes to comfort and application. 

Even though the brand is still fairly young, One O Eight's determination to provide quality threads for the busy women of the capital has garnered high praise for their individual style and functionality. This summer, their wardrobe is all about those loose cuts that allow you to breathe and move freely.

If you're looking for that next party piece or even something to make you feel amazing in the office, there's absolutely something for you in-store and online at One O Eight.

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