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21 May 17

Believe it or not, Onepiece’s signature style was created entirely from the concept of the perfect lazy Sunday. That’s right, that one day of the week dedicated solely to doing absolutely nothing, and what clothing is more suited to that endeavour than a well-fitted hoodie and your cosiest sweat pants? From this simple, yet brilliant, observation came the Onepiece Jumpsuit – a full body, hoodie and joggers combo.

Admittedly, some were a little baffled by this new concept in leisurewear but it was that very push to change and innovate the way in which we relax, that pushed Onepiece to new heights and brought them a legion of loyal fans. Onepiece are the self-proclaimed ‘slackers, standouts and fashion misfits’.

If you think that starting a clothing brand from a single, signature item of clothing is impressive then get this – Onepiece now operates 10 concept stores, including hubs in NYC, Berlin, LA, Stockholm, Moscow, Dubai and, of course, Boxpark Shoreditch; and their clothing line is stocked by over 1000 retailers, spanning over 100 countries. That’s quite some reach.

Today, their in-store and online repertoire extends far beyond the original jumpsuit. Men, women and children are catered for in all departments – from hats, shorts, jackets, dresses and even underwear. Onepiece also have an impressive selection of celebrity fans to boot as well. From sports legend, Serena Williams, to reinvented pop star Justin Bieber, and pretty much the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan, not to mention Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne; Onepiece have truly made a name for themselves as a respected leisurewear brand that everyone can enjoy.

This year, the SS17 collection reigns supreme and the Onepiece Lookbook has all you need to assemble your own signature leisurewear style.

Onepiece is now celebrating its first decade in fashion. An innovative idea, born in Oslo in 2007, took comfort to the next level and created a world dominating brand in quality leisure fatigues. You can find a selection of some of their most popular items in stock at Boxpark Shoreditch.