30 Aug 22

SK: “Pharell once told me anything imaginable is possible”… 

SK says: “I’m that shy kid who was quite terrified to present his work to the class in school, who now talks to thousands of people on air every week, DJs & hosts in front of many people on stages & manages to interview diva musicians that can often be difficult”

Hailing from North London, SK has come through the stages, from Mcing in the school corridors & bedroom sets to pirate radio & commercial radio, playing in the clubs, putting on club events, hosting events, becoming a respected mixtape DJ, documenting UK music culture, having a renowned podcast & more. 

Never one to pull punches, there are few interviews like an SK Vibemaker one… SK says: “Some of my favourite interviews that come to mind have been the ones with Busta Rhymes, JME, Giggs, RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan), J Cole, Future, Kid Cudi, Ari Lennox, Stormzy, Wiz Khalifa, Wiley, Kano, Sean Paul & Post Malone”…

Asides from the the radio show, SK has been involved in monthly events: ‘The Den’ & ‘Unlock’, whilst also DJing for Frisco of Boy Better Know around the world, Wretch 32 & Giggs to name a few.

Most recently SK has set up a production company (IV Media) producing podcasts & documentaries & continues to Interviews many artists, DJ, Host, Podcast (The Know Yourself Out Here Network – ) & do a weekly radio show (On Rinse FM).

Keep watching this space…..

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