Spotlight: Astrid & Miyu


28 Jun 17

A good piece of jewellery can practically make a look. It can accentuate, dramatise and brighten an outfit and its style should reflect the wearer. Astrid & Miyu are arguably one of London’s defining contemporary jewellers. Their flair for understated and edgy designs has put them on the map, and, at knock-out prices, you can be sure to bag yourself a unique bargain in store and online.

We caught up with Suzel Mackintosh to find out how Astrid & Miyu stays on trend…

Tell us who you are and what you do.

We are Astrid & Miyu; a young, London-based, contemporary British jewellery brand. We may be one of many but we know how to keep playing the game and rocking the trends. In the end, it’s all about setting up the trends – not about following them. We make beautifully crafted jewellery that reflects the juxtaposition of class and edge which is at the core of London style. We combine not only the mix of the cultures in London but also our own – Astrid is a Swedish name and Miyu is a Japanese name. They both mean ‘beautiful’ in their languages.

When you think about Swedish design you think straight away about something clean, classic, timeless, mixed with the Japanese aesthetic of unobtrusive beauty, with excellent use of form and line. We are mixing these two worlds, putting them together. That’s what we do with our teams as well. We are all individuals with unique styles and aesthetics but have been brought together and it is an amazing environment to work in.

At Astrid and Miyu we are a family with a strong focus on socialising and team bonding, resulting in me being able to say that I go to work everyday with my best friends. Our designs are created in our London studios. Our brand embodies Nordic minimalism, London edge and Japanese sophistication. We have been based at Boxpark Shoreditch since 2016.

If you are looking for something that will spice up your daily look – we are the place to pop in to. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Less is more, they say, and we can be less but can also be more. The choice is yours.

Which song best sums up your brand?

Feelin’ So Good” – Jennifer Lopez ft. Big Pun & Fat Joe! It’s an all year long banger with such a great message. These days, people keep forgetting that they are beautiful and unique just the way they are! The world around you is beautiful and you can see it in the small details – see it in every small bling that you wear! That’s us – always on top of our game, brightening the world with the small, gorgeous pieces that we make to tickle your mood and heart a little!

What is your favourite item that you currently have in stock?

That’s a hard one! It’s like sending a child to a sweet shop asking them to pick just ONE out of hundreds of sweets; it’s impossible! So, it is the same with our jewellery! So many colours, from silver, gold, rose gold to gun metal – it all depends on the mood, character, wardrobe, the story behind the item…

But, okay, let’s play this game. It has to be the item we have always sold out of which is our Fitzgerald Ear Cuff. People stand in line to get it. It’s a must have for the Spring/Summer season and we can guarantee that it will be still a best selling item for seasons to come.The angular shapes are edgy while the diamanté give them a glamorous finish. It’s like being the IT GIRL of the generation. You need to have “that something” and our cuffs do have it. You can easily create a dramatic look by stacking with other ear cuffs as well. Also, you don’t even need a piercing to wear it! No pain and a beauty gain! 😉 

What makes Astrid & Miyu so unique?

If you’ve never been to one of our stores then imagine a small but minimal space, like a modern Aladdin’s cave. The, “open sesame”, there’s necklaces, rings, beautiful stones, bracelets, earrings, ear cuffs, chokers. Literally, everything a modern fashionista could ever want or need.

We do believe that accessories should not overshadow the natural beauty of the woman wearing them. We create for all gorgeous women out there – no matter who you are – we are here to make you smile. Your smile is worth more than anything else and the happiness of our customers means the world for us. We don’t leave out the gentlemen either – you are more than welcome to come in and dive into our rich menu of accessories that make amazing gifts for your partner, mum, daughter, friends and even yourself!

Our pieces are unique yet versatile, edgy yet classic, glamorous yet subtle. We are very proud to say that Astrid & Miyu is super affordable plus we are running so many offers – if you sign up online and to our newsletter, you can win extra discounts, or enter our store raffle to win free items!

Also, we support fair trade and, ultimately, we are a small company who always focusses on your needs, your happiness and on YOU. We want you to feel welcome in every store, we want you to feel a part of our family. In the end, we are here for you.

Which other Boxpark Shoreditch trader would you recommend to customers?

The best advice we’ve heard was: “Go upstairs, have some food and cocktails and keep on shopping”. And we will stick to it. It’s not fair to name just one. We all recommend each other – depends on what you are looking for. The best way is to spend the day popping from one box to another – enjoying what each of us serves!

Boxpark offers everything you could possibly need. No matter what sort of style you have there is something here for everyone. And if you’re not a big shopper then you can always dive into Ballie Ballerson’s Box Balls and embrace your inner child. (We have had our fair share of fun in there too!!!)

Finally, what is your favourite thing about Shoreditch?

In the past few years, Shoreditch has been changing, evolving and making a difference. It has been on such an incredible journey to get to where it is now. It’s one of the most important places on the London map. They say – if you haven’t been to Shoreditch, you haven’t really been to London. It’s a blend of styles, cultures and music.

Brick Lane is one of the most artistic and trendy streets in the entire city! There’s always something going on there – not to mention the Sunday market! You can meet so many different people and make so many friends.

What makes Shoreditch unique? OK – name another place where you can check into a VIP place (Shoreditch House), shop at Versace, have a burger at Patty & Bun, or even enjoy shisha and a pint in an open space like Boxpark, all on the very same street. Nightlife, food, shopping, street art; plus, you can meet Graham Norton or Chet Faker walking down the street or Jessy from Little Mix, Professor Green, FKA Twigs Or Robert Pattinson.

In Shoreditch you will find the DNA of London’s fashion industry, home to London’s top designers and emerging talent. Everyday in Shoreditch is like a runway show!

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