Spotlight: Becksy Becks


17 Sep 18

The much-celebrated Well Versed returns to Boxpark Croydon on Wednesday 26 September. We caught up with artist Becksy Becks to get the lowdown on her upcoming performance.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Becksy Becks and I am a dancer by day-dream, accountant by avocation, poet by passion and awesome by everything else.

How did you get involved with Well Versed?

I first connected with Well Versed during a poetry workshop attended by one of the co-founders, Darren Rendon. From there I went to their next show and immediately warmed to the atmosphere and positivity that infected the space. I love to work with words, but primarily I operate very heavily on energies, and there was such an earnest intensity in the room that made me decide there and then that I was forever going to be involved with Well Versed in some way, some how.

What can we expect from your performance next week?

I challenged myself to write at least two new pieces for my performance later this month, which I’m currently working on. A lot of my poetry comes from my emotional state at the time, which unfortunately for me, at present is a bit of  tumultuous time. Therefore, I am experimenting with themes of depression, family dynamics, self-expression and male relationships. So, other than a barrage of alliteration, the expectations for the 26th is just as much a mystery to me, at this point, as it is to you.

Who have been some of your personal inspirations?

My parents are probably the only human inspirations that I have. I lost a lot of motivation and drive once my father passed away, so, nowadays ,my personal inspirations tend to derive less from the physical and more from spiritual moments that emote any of my three core principles, which are laughter, love and literature, preferably in that order. And since I have a life rule to laugh, love and read at least five times a day, minimum, it makes it hard to pinpoint or even begin to name them all.

What does the rest of 2018 have in store for you?

Where luck is defined as the moment where preparation meets opportunity, the remainder of my 2018 will be filled with reading, writing, reflection and practice. So that come 2019, I can feel 10 times as lucky as I do now to be able to see another year through in the poetry world.  

What advice would you give to other aspiring artists?

Learn to be confident in your weaknesses and find solace in your strengths.

I started Bedroom Poetry because, for a long time, that was literally the only place I wrote and performed. I lacked confidence in the areas I needed to take the next step and share my art. I've learned the only way for my demons to stop following me was to stand still in my fear and let them walk past me. 

Don't be afraid to sit in your silences. You'll often find your rock bottom is made of trampolines.

What was the last song you listened to?

Literally everything on Idey - it's like one giant song that never ends!

You can catch Becksy live at Boxpark Croydon on Wednesday 26 September. Be sure to follow her online on Instagram and Snapchat @BecksyBeck.