Spotlight: Black Bear Burger


9 Nov 17

Salvation comes in the form of a burger this month at Boxpark Shoreditch. Black Bear Burger are keeping it lean and mean, at unit 61, with their mouth-watering menu. We caught up with co-founder Liz to find out more...

Tell us who you are and what you do.

After living in a ski resort in Canada for a few years, we gained a real sense of the importance of doing exactly what you want to do in life. Our joint passion was food, especially burgers, so when we got back to the UK, Stew and I started Black Bear Burger, named as a nod to Canada, the place that inspired us to start living our dream. Our focus is on simple, quality, scratch-made ingredients; we use high quality British beef – there are no gimmicks in our burgers – every element is there for a reason to enhance the flavour of the beef. Simple done really well.  

Which song best sums up your brand?

Hakuna Matata – We want people to come to our box, relax and eat great burgers; it’s a problem free philosophy!

What can customers expect from you at Boxpark Shoreditch?

We only have a handful of items on our menu as we focus on doing a few things but we do them really well. Apart from our Black Bear and our Brisket Burgers we will have rotating specials every month or two. 

What is your favourite item on your menu?

This is a big debating point between the two of us; Stew loves the classic Black Bear, but I love the Brisket Burger. We put a lot of effort into everything on our menu – we want our side dishes to be just as good as our mains.

Which other Boxpark Shoreditch trader would you recommend to customers?

‘The Original’ chicken burger from Coqfighter is banging, and the pad thai from Cook Daily, when we are feeling a little burgered out.

What is your favourite thing about Shoreditch?

We’ve only been here for a couple weeks but all the staff and traders at Boxpark are so friendly – there is a real sense of community here! We love all the small independent shops in the area, we try not to go to any chains in Shoreditch as we want to support small businesses.

What would your last meal on Earth be?

It would have to be the Black Bear Burger with a side of lamb roast dinner.

Black Bear Burger is open 7 days a week at Boxpark Shoreditch