Spotlight: Dixon Brothers


8 Jan 18

The new year festivities may be over but, at Boxpark Croydon, we’re not slowing down. This Thursday, we’re proud to welcome back, local lads, the Dixon Brothers to the BoxBar for their Made in the Manor event. We caught up with Justin and Adrian to find out more.

For those who don’t know, tell us who you are and what you do.

Justin Dixon: We are the Dixon Brothers, straight out of the CR0! We’re known for our high energy, ‘best-house-party-you’ll-ever-go-to’ DJ sets, and we also currently have a show on KISS Fresh, on Sunday nights. We’ve rocked clubs and festivals from Glastonbury to Bestival and Las Vegas to Ibiza. We’ve also recently made the move onto television, hosting the Big Mix on 4Music.

Who were some of your biggest inspirations in music when you were both starting out?

Adrian Dixon: In 1996, we watched a documentary called ‘Modern Times‘ whilst at High School, this documentary depicted the life of, legendary Drum and Bass DJ, LTJ Bukem; after that we were hooked! This, matched with seeing our uncle, Michael, DJ JD’s 10th birthday was all the motivation we needed. We’d be lying if the fact that the girls at at high school loved a DJ didn’t help our decision a little bit.

What can visitors expect from Made in the Manor at Boxpark Croydon?

JD: House party vibes! Croydon is our back yard and we want everyone to feel like they’re guests in our home, having a great time with good people, good drinks and some bad ass tunes!

AD: Like many DJs, we both came up playing at house parties, especially in the Croydon area. The vibe of these parties is something we carry through to this day. Multi-genre music highlighting the best that Croydon has introduced to the industry; local amazing DJs, high energy and sh*t loads of fun!

You lay down your top 5 tracks each week with ‘5 on Friday’ – what track should everyone be listening to right now?

AD: Ive had a track called ‘Hot’ feat Nick & Navi and produced by Full Crate and The Partysquad on repeat. It’s full-on Dancehall that immediately takes me to warmer climate beach parties. 

JD: I’m currently loving ‘Drowning’ by Lenzman and Artificial Intelligence; proper liquid DnB vibes. It’s definitely one for the car, turned up loud.

What does 2018 have in store for you?

JD: This year is looking to be very exciting for us; we’re about to kick off our brand new show on Kiss FM’s digital channel, KISS Fresh. We’ll be heavily touring throughout the year, whilst providing a lot more content in front of the camera. it’s all GO!

Finally, what was the last song you each listened to?

AD: As I’m answering this, I have the instrumental to Nicki Minaj & Drakes ‘Moment 4 Life’ on in the background. When the strings come in, I’m sold every time! This was also the last track we played in 2017 before kicking off 2018 with one of our favourites of last year, ‘Mi Gente

JD: He’s proper done me there, I was gonna go for that! Aiiight, keeping it in the same lane; we dropped ‘Man Don’t Care’ by JME and Giggs on NYE, turned the whole club upside down and moshed them right up! It was a moment for sure.

You can reserve your FREE ticket for this Thursday’s event here.

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