Spotlight: Les Deux Amies


2 Jul 17

Caroline and Adeline moved to London from France with a view to sharing their love of quality fresh crêpes with everyone they meet. It’s fair to say they’ve been extremely successful in their mission too. After launching with Boxpark Croydon in November 2016, the dynamic duo have made the leap to Shoreditch to share their delicious crêpes and galettes with a whole new crowd. We sat them down to find out how they’re enjoying their new surroundings.

Tell us a bit about your journey since you opened at Boxpark Croydon last year.

NIne months ago, we set out to meet new people and make them happy with our menu. It’s been an intense journey but it’s taught us so much and, last month, we were able to open our second restaurant at Boxpark Shoreditch. This time, we’ve focussed on becoming London’s first Crêpe Bar. Our customers can now enjoy the unique experience of creating their own crêpes from a selection of forty delicious ingredients, like Nutella, banana and even popping candy!

How have your new customers responded to your menu?

It was a bit confusing for them at first because some of them were always ordering the same combos. That’s why we still have a few ready-made options and ideas available, to help guide our customers in their choice.

They love composing their own crêpes and creating the perfect taste that will satisfy their appetite and won’t burn a hole in their wallet!

How is life at Boxpark Shoreditch treating you?

It’s been a crazy couple of months for London and then we had the heatwave and the torrential rain but we love our second home. Boxpark Shoreditch is different to the Croydon site but they’ve both given us such wonderful customers and it’s given us the chance to explore catering for different dietary styles – vegan, gluten free, dairy free etc.

Which of your dishes would you recommend to customers who have yet to experience Les Deux Amies?

We have loads of options – 124,316 to be exact! Even though people can create their own crêpe, we have signature combos that stand out and offer big flavours.

If you want to keep it classic, we would definitely suggest you try The Frenchy, which is a savoury galette made with egg, cheese and ham. It’s perfect for breakfast/brunch, lunch or dinner.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, we would recommend the Nutella and banana crêpe. It’s so simple but so delicious. You can mix it up with Oreos, white chocolate chips, unicorn poo and whipped cream.

If you want to try something new, you can always go for a summery savoury crepe with tomato, mozzarella, spinach, pesto and mushrooms.

Which other Boxpark Shoreditch trader would you recommend to customers?

Poptata! They definitely sell the best fries in London.

What is your favourite thing about Shoreditch?

We knew that coming to Shoreditch would present new challenges and so we wanted to step up our game and expand our menu and offers. It’s not always easy to offer a menu that can cater to everyone and their dietary requirements but it allows us to experiment and discover new ways to improve each day.

For our shop at Boxpark Shoreditch, we really focused on offering vegan and gluten free options as we’ve noticed there’s bigger demand for it here. We want to prove that crêpes are great for everyone by adapting ourselves.

Finally, what was the last song you listened to?

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar – It always makes us happy and creates a fun vibe in the shop.