Spotlight: Les Deux Amies


13 Dec 16

Les Deux Amies literally translated is ‘the two friends’ and those friends are Caroline Remy and Adeline De Boismenu.

These french buddies have been making waves at Boxpark Croydon with their delicious menu of sweet and savoury crêpes and galettes. 

We sat down with Caroline and Adeline to find out what their signature dish is and what they’re (literally) bringing to the tables.


Tell us who you are and what you do.

We are “Les Deux Amies”, 2 friends and entrepreneurs with a true desire to launch their own business and share their passion for food with others. We cook crêpe & galettes (French savoury & sweet pancakes) fusing French cuisine with locally sourced British ingredients. Our brand is a truly love story. Love of friendship, love of food and a love of all good things that life can bring us.


Which song best sums up your brand?

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing


What can we expect from you at Boxpark Croydon?

We will bring a bit of French “art de vivre” mixed with the wildness and craziness of London. It is what we are!  We cook good food, sourcing the best products. We work with good people, working closely with Emmaus, a French charity created by Abbe Pierre, which works to put an end to homelessness and help people to be fully socially integrated.  Hopefully we will bring a smile on every face that comes to our shop and satisfy every stomach!


What is your favourite item on your menu?

The Frenchy: our savoury and gluten-free galette. You can have it for any meal and the ham is to die for! For those with a sweet tooth, definitely go for our homemade caramel sauce, when you don’t melt for the classic Nutella & banana one!


Which other Boxpark Croydon trader would you recommend to customers?

Definitely Feed Me Primal! Gemma has the best Paleo menu and it’s all gluten-free!


What is your favourite thing about Croydon?

Croydon is, for us, synonymous with joy and multiculturalism. For us, that’s the best atmosphere that you can have in a city and Boxpark found the perfect recipe of joy, respect and multiculturalism…We love working here!


If you were on death row, what would be your last meal and why?

Caroline: For me, that would be a steak tartare with French fries!

Adeline: And for me it would be a good Côte de Boeuf!