Spotlight: Mitsuryu


4 Jan 19

The time has come for you to get acquainted with our new traders who will shortly be opening their doors at Boxpark Wembley.

Today, we're proud to introduce you to Mitsuryu, the home of traditional Japanese cuisine. We caught up with manager, Chef Kenny, to find out more.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

We are  a Japanese food vendor who takes pride in presenting Japanese food in its traditional and original form, which in essence is actually quite simple but with a focus on high quality, fresh ingredients.

How did Mitsuryu come about?

Having worked in Japanese cuisine for over 20 years, Kenny, our Head Chef, wanted to do bring high quality handmade sushi at an affordable price to the UK, where there is either high-end fine dining Japanese, mass produced sushi pretenders or Japanese that has been fused with other cuisines. Chef Kenny wanted to bring the flavours and his experience of authentic Japanese cuisine for everyone to try without paying the high-end prices and that’s really how Mitsuryu was born. 

What song best sums up your brand?

Nujabes - Feather

What can customers expect from you at Boxpark Wembley?

Simply, a real authentic taste of Japan.

What is your favourite item on your menu?

Aburi Sushi -  Nigiri Sushi, which is seared on one side; you get a real mixture of flavours and textures in one small bite!

Which other Boxpark trader would you recommend to customers?

I’d recommend all of them, Boxpark are very selective in who they work with so we know everyone has a really great offering depending on what you fancy eating.

What is your favourite thing about Wembley?

The diversity and sense of a real community coming together, the location, history of the stadium and modern amenities make Wembley amazing. It’s really just a very unique location.

You can follow Mitsuryu online on Facebook and Instagram.