Spotlight: New Grime Order


18 Feb 18

New Grime Order provides a platform for the rising stars in grime. After the success of their debut event at Boxpark Shoreditch, NGO are bringing their show south of the river, to Croydon, to celebrate the next wave of talent. We caught up with NGO’s creator and host, Andre AKA UncleBantzz to find out more.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Well, my name is Andre but I’m also known as UncleBantzz. I’m a radio host, host, and artist manager please, but call me Bantzz, Im not that old yet! 

How did the idea for New Grime Order come about?

I first had the idea when I was watching videos on my twitter feed of mc’s making raw grime. I was invited to a few sets by, mc’s, Sketch and Jay Amo, and being in that environment, I realised that’s what I wanted to do.

I started NGO because I feel like grime needs a revamp. We know the mc’s we’ve been listening to since we were young on Channel U. When Channel U was around it was hype, everyone was watching it, everyone was listening to the same mc’s that were coming out, but, get me, we was young those times, so it was fun, but since we’re older now, you’ve got to look at it from the ‘what comes next’ point of view. The younger generation listen to other genres because it’s always in their faces, they see and hear it all the time, just like how Channel U was to us back in the day; not a lot of  these YouTube channels that supported grime promote it solely anymore, some of them only put your music up if you’re popping, and most of it seems to be trap. They don’t support grime at all. We have only a few popping music channels on YouTube. No one searches for artist anymore, they just type in the common channels or familiar names and see what’s popping, so yeah I’m trying to be a platform, as well as a movement.

Since I love grime so much, there’s no harm in me trying. When the garage sound went weak grime came about; it’s not just a genre it’s a UK genre it belongs to us why shouldn’t we look after it. The rest is history!

What can ticket holders expect from your event on 1 March at Boxpark Croydon?

If you’re holding a ticket, it’s all fun having loads of people in the building, I want you to enjoy yourself, even if you don’t know the song! If you think it is sick, you think it is sick; show the artist you think it is sick! I guarantee you’re going to want to be at the next event.

Grime has had a major surge and crossed into the mainstream; do you think that moment can be pinpointed to any single artist or track?

We have artists like Skepta, Stormzy and Wiley who have been breaking down barriers over the last few years. The grim scene has been very together, in terms of crossing over, it would be hard to single out one particular track or artist.

Who are some of the artists that you think everyone should be listening to right now?

If you like raw grime then everyone performing on our line up.

What does 2018 have in store for New Grime Order?

2018 is the year where we leave a big footprint in the scene! We are up for everything! Hopefully we get to fly the banner across seas this year!

Is there anyone you’re especially keen to work with this year?

I would love to work with a festival this year! Eastern Electrics would be nuts! 

Finally, what was the last track you listened to?

It’s not even out yet but If you’re coming to Boxpark Croydon then you’ll hear it; Ten Dixon – Knock Knock!

New Grime Order will be live in the BoxBar from 8pm on Thurs 1 March! You can follow them online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for future events and updates.