Spotlight: Nokia Times


12 Sep 18

It's almost time to through it way back to the 90s for another retro edition of Nokia Times at Boxpark Croydon. We sat down with Boxpark events manager extraordinaire David Byrne to get the lowdown.

Hey David, tell us a bit about yourself

I'm David Byrne and I head up events and marketing across Boxpark, and I throw the occasional old school party! 

How did the idea for Nokia Times come about? 

Everyone loves a throwback and, for many of us, music helps to shape our character from childhood through to our teenage years and into adulthood. Certain songs hold certain connotations for us and what better way to celebrate that then with an event. We wanted to also bring a special guest to each event. To date we've had MC Versatile, MC PSG, Romeo & Lisa Maffia, and a few others. We reached out to Sonique to do our 90s special this time round but unfortunately she was otherwise engaged. 

Tell us what we can expect from this latest instalment of Nokia Times.

Pure nostalgia. DJs Donch and Nadia Jae, who are both killing it in their own rights, are going to be throwing down 90s bangers all night long. There may even be a special guest or two as well...

What's your favourite 90s track?

Tough one! I can't pinpoint a single track. Albums; Miseducation of Lauryn Hill or Illmatic. Tracks; Original Nuttah is a huge track! MC Cole - Crazy Love, Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate, they were both late 90s right?? (Ooh, 2000, but we'll let you off)

Is there anything from the 90s you wish made it into 2018?

I'd say vinyl but thats blown up again in the last few years, which is dope. I guess artists that passed away in that time period that I would've loved to have seen in concert.

Is there anything from the 90s that should absolutely never be resurrected?

Those adverts with crash test dummies, they were eerie

Is there another Nokia Times in the diary?

Not just yet but we'll be alternating it between the Boxpark sites so keep your eyes peeled.

Nokia Times returns to Boxpark Croydon on Thursday 13 September from 8pm. For future events be sure to follow Nokia Times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram