Spotlight: Sharlene Klarice


9 Apr 18

This week sees the return of the all-female powerhouse GRL GNG. We bagged a chat with artist and performer Sharlene ahead of her performance at Boxpark Shoreditch.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Sharlene Klarice, I’m an aspiring singer/songwriter from north London.

How did you get involved with GRL GNG?

I recently took part in recording a Freestyle for GRL GNG as part of their cypher series, and after that Naysap asked me if i would like to perform at the upcoming event, which im super excited to do! 

What can visitors expect from GRL GNG at Boxpark Shoreditch this month?

Pure vibes! A wide range of energy; a lot of soul and some quirky lyrics. I have quite a wide style, which I will be showcasing on the night; from slow jams to a quite upbeat track, to something I don’t usually tend to do, but I think the audience will love! I’ll be drawing from all my influences on the night, from soul to R&B, and even a little dancehall, which I haven’t really showcased yet so it should be quite interesting. 

What makes GRL GNG so unique?

GRL GNG is great firstly because is all girls! I think its really empowering for females to come together and represent something we believe in. I think theres a sense of unity and it’s really encouraging to see women coming together, genuinely – it’s something to be proud of! Sometimes, it’s also quite refreshing to leave out the male ego, ha-ha, when orchestrating certain things; it can sometimes interfere with the feng shui of things, ha-ha!

How does GRL GNG give a voice to female artists?

I really believe that GRL GNG give a voice to female artists by creating a space for a females to be comfortable; it’s like your with your best friends or your sisters, so to speak, giving you the avenue to maybe express things you might not have otherwise. In regards to the freestyle I recorded with them, it was definitely influenced by the attitude and strength that GRL GNG represent. So yeah, I believe it really does give a platform for women to express themselves freely.

What does 2018 have in store for you?

2018, for me, I feel like it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, as in I’m not really planning too much, I’m just feeling my way through! I plan to perform much more and get more music out to build up my audience base. I’m working with a lot of producers and some really creditable artists, so everything should float into place in time! Basically, I’m one to watch. I plan on bring the heat to your eardrums!

Finally, what was the last song you listened to?

Um, the last song I listened to was Missy Elliott – Beep Me 911. It’s still a banger, you should check it out!

GRL GNG return to Boxpark Shoreditch this Wednesday 11 April from 7pm. You can follow the GRLS on Twitter and Instagram for future events and updates.

You can also follow Sharlene on Twitter and Instagram, too!