Spotlight: Skinny Kitchen


1 May 18

Next month, we have a new arrival in the Boxpark household. 

Back in 2014 three friends realised Ibiza was missing a major part of their lifestyle; healthy food. Fuelled by passion and the desire to bring something totally unique to the food industry, they immediately set about opening Ibiza’s first healthy food hangout.

We caught up with, co-founder, Joel Belchem to get the lowdown on what you can expect when The Skinny Kitchen lands at Boxpark Croydon.

Tell us who you are and what you do? 

My name is Joel and I am one of the founders of The Skinny Kitchen, I run the company and do all the interviews.

What can customers expect from The Skinny Kitchen at Boxpark Croydon?

They can expect nothing but healthy, fresh, tasty food catering to all diets; high protein, low calorie, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, you name it. We’re going to be helping keeping everyone Croydon fit and healthy for the summer. We are bringing something unique to the area and we really think that everyone will love what we add to Boxpark – a healthy food hangout.

What song best sums up your brand? 

 Juicy – The Notorious B.I.G.

What is your favourite item on your menu?

My favourite item is the protein pancakes, they are really tasty but instead of being packed full of sugar like most pancakes, they are packed full of protein instead. Taste just as good but minus the guilt, what more could you ask for?

Which other Boxpark trader would you recommend to customers?

I really like What the Pitta as it is such a unique concept, just like us, and the kebabs are banging. We do a lot of vegan stuff so we know how hard it is when you’re restricted with ingredients.

What is your favourite thing about Croydon?

I think Boxpark has been an amazing addition to Croydon.

Finally, what was the last song you listened to?

Post Malone ft Ty Dolla Sign – Psycho

You can follow The Skinny Kitchen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for delicious and healthy updates, and be sure to join us from Tuesday 8 May, when The Skinny Kitchen opens at Boxpark Croydon!