Spotlight stephseeks


9 Oct 18

September saw the return of GRL GNG to Boxpark and with it came a powerhouse of female artists and performers. One such artist was stephseeks (that’s right, no caps, no space). We caught up with her to discuss her inspirations and what the future holds.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m stephseeks. I’m a multidisciplinary creative, DJ, creative handywoman. I’m 1/5 of the BORN N BREAD collective and I have bi-weekly show with them on NTS radio. I also curate a mellow moods night called ‘Release Nights’ in Shoreditch; the only place you can attend when tired. 

How did you get involved with GRL GNG?

I got involved with GRL GNG after meeting the talented, fun and thoughtful Naomi after she styled me for a trip.

How would you describe September’s GRL GNG event at Boxpark?

It was pure good vibes! The crowd were extremely supportive of the fresh, raw talent and the gift of women bringing the heat! GRL GNG has a fantastic line up. My set was fun, I threw in some old bangers along with some new heat. The crowd was ready to receive, ha-ha!

GRL GNG empowers female artists, why is that important to you?

It is because GRL GNG empowers females artists that is why I was happy to play their event as it’s extremely important for me to see women empower each other. We have so much power in us and when we use to it to lift each other up and support one another its incredible. Have you seen two women hug each other in joy and love?  You can you feel it!

Who have been some of your personal inspirations?

Some of my personal inspirations are:

Vashtie Kola – the first women to make a Jordan trainer/sneaker and the first woman to show me it’s okay to have multiple roles.

Serena Williams – she’s continuously coming out on the other side with grace and strength

Oprah – Everything about her!

Nicole C and Paula A – These ladies created the first arts and cultural festival for black British women and girls in the UK! Crazy achievement.

Issa Rae – I just relate to her in a weird way so when I see her growth, I‘m constantly inspired. 

Tosin Alabi – One of my besties. I’ve never met anyone like her. One of the only people I know to not judge me, and let’s me be me 10000%. She’s super encouraging and tells you the truth about yourself with love. Everyone needs a Tosin in their lives. I only want to be better as a person with her.

I’ll end it there!

What does the rest of 2018 have in store for you?

There’ll be more Release Nights full of mellow moods, our next event is Friday 19th October. More mixes. more interviews on NTS and more projects and collabs with stephseeks Studio and BORN N BREAD.