Spotlight: The Play Box/Gift Box


16 Mar 17

The Play Box and The Gift Box are extraordinary stores. Because nothing they sell is ordinary. These quirky little gems, at Boxpark Shoreditch, have gathered a fantastic reputation for stocking a dazzling array of gifts and novelty items that are guaranteed to raise a smile. You may not see their gift selection as a necessity in your life but the amount of fun, joy and silliness injected into each item makes them feel so very, very necessary. And that's where the fun lies! We caught up with owner, Noah Crutchfield, to find out more.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hi! I'm Noah and I'm the co-founder of MAIDEN. We currently operate two fantastic stores at the (equally fantastic) Boxpark Shoreditch - The Gift Box and The Play Box. Both our stores stock a really fun and inspiring edit of design led products and books. Our stores are rammed to the rafters with loads of amazing things you never knew you needed but need to have! We also have the finest and funniest cards in all the land, fact!

Which song best sums up your brand?

'Wannabe' by a little known 90s girl band called The Spice Girls!! It's fun, bonkers, anthemic and not too serious.

What is your favourite item you currently have in stock?

We have just received a delivery of flamingo shaped neon lights which are jaw droppingly awesome. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible they are. I love that everyone is obsessed with flamingos and now everyone can have their very own neon flamingo at home!

What makes The Play Box and The Gift Box unique?

Our mantra is that we are very serious about not taking ourselves too seriously. Our brand is all about fun, affordable and inclusive design and we bring together a range of items that all make brilliant gifts but are so good that you will end up keeping them for yourself!

Which other Boxpark Shoreditch trader would you recommend to customers?

Obviously, I love and admire all of our fellow Boxpark traders but if I had to pick just one I would say Voodoo Rays because their pizza is phenomenally good; plus, the names of their Pizzas are so inspired. My favourite is the 'King Tubby'!

What is your favourite thing about Shoreditch?

The people. Shoreditch is a vibrant and creative hub with such a bustle and energy to it. I'm a Londoner born and bred and Shoreditch is my favourite neighbourhood by far. Shoreditch is a great, diverse mix of people doing their own thing and doing it well and with passion.