Spotlight: Underfound


4 Oct 17

Croydon's wordsmiths and entertainers have a new spiritual home at Boxpark with the monthly Underfound residency. This event is winning hearts and minds and inspiring local talent. So, naturally, we caught up with founder Matthew Dizzle to find out more!

For those who don't know, tell us who you are and what you do.

We are Underfound Residence, a live music showcase for up and coming performers to showcase their lyrical talents. Our mission is to find the deepest, lyrically submersed, unsigned and 'Underfound' music artist.

How did the idea for Underfound come about?

Underfound Residence is brought to you by MusiqueLDN, a live music events company catering for singers and songwriters. We decided to launch Underfound Residence to provide a platform for artists to showcase their lyrical talents at a fantastic and vibrant venue. Boxpark Croydon was the perfect place for this due to the diversity of the people within the Croydon community.

What can visitors expect from Underfound at Boxpark Croydon?

At Underfound Residence you are guaranteed to see top quality artists, experience great vibes and witness a variety of lyrical content that will inspire you. Audience members also leave with an exclusive prize from one of our sponsors, he he! Artists who perform can expect an audience that appreciates and values good music, it's no wonder they always leave with an increase in their own followers, or the makings of an active fan base.

Have there been any standout moments for you so far?

Among many stand out moments at Underfound Residence, our launch show in February was amazing, Megaman from So Solid came down to support the show which was a blessing; catch his exclusive interview on our YouTube channel. Since then we’ve had various top artists bless the 'Underfound' stage, most recently El’Tee who appeared on X-Factor. All the artists that perform on Underfound Residence are considered ‘sick’, as quoted by our audience.

Ticket holders enjoy the positive vibes of Underfound. What is it about this event that makes everyone feel so upbeat?

Underfound Residence shines real talent in the faces of our audience. We believe our supporters appreciate
 our consistency in delivering top quality artists, show after show.  Underfound Residence is a smoothly-operated event and most importantly, a lyrically inspiring show.

Have you tried any of the food at Boxpark Croydon? Do you have any favourites?

Yes and we are currently sponsored by Fish, Wings and Tings. When people come to Underfound Residence they can receive an exclusive 10% discount on the incredible menu at Fish, Wings & Tings!

Finally, what was the last song you listened to? 

Celebrate ft Donae'o by Lethal Bizzle

Underground Residence Showcase returns to Boxpark Croydon on Wednesday 18 October.