Sprayground Pop-Up @BOXPARK


9 Feb 18

We've got popular backpack brand 'Sprayground' next in our unit 26 pop-up. We'll leave it to brand founder David Ben-David to give you more insight into the brand:


How would you describe Sprayground?
The rebel bag company.


What was the reasoning/big push behind starting Sprayground?
I traveled the globe with just a black backpack. When it was time to buy a new bag, I was sick of the obvious. A light bulb went off. One gift I knew I had was an eye for edgy ideas and I needed a backpack that would kick off the rebel of all bag companies because the current brands were too boring for me.


How has your job changed since the start of the brand?
Insane. It’s been only two and a half years and it’s been nonstop. It’s a blessing from God and feels like a dream. I fly around the world making business deals, travel to factories to make my ideas reality, and work with some of the top A-list celebrates in Hollywood, all because of one backpack that changed the game.


How would you define the brand as it stands within the industry and against other bag brands?
We’re definitely seen as a cutting edge, innovative brand. Prior to us, the category of bags was static. After I dropped the “Hello My Name Is” and “Money Stacks” backpacks, we became an eyeopener to other companies to show consumers were starting to take their bags more seriously. Kids collect Sprayground; each bag is limited and never produced again.

It’s edgy fashion and sleek functionality and we broke through in a market no one cared about. The boutiques we sell to never had space or displays to hold bags and they now have integrated, full sections for them. I can proudly take credit for that.


What do you want to achieve with the brand?
To become a staple bag company with a focus on design, creativity, and functionality that’s not afraid to break down barriers in the fashion world and have a chill time doing it. And that everyday journeys begin with Sprayground.


What are some of the limitations you currently possess?
Flying. I f*cking hate it. Even though I travel so much, it makes me feel human because I’m daydreaming and thinking of designs and being creative all day.


How do you pick and choose the people you work with?
Simple. They have to be edgy, open-minded and believe in the dream.


How do their values align with that of Sprayground?
If the product speaks to them, then they’re a right fit. The product is the heart of the company.


What can we expect going forward on the product side?
Kill it in bags first, then I’ll let you know.


You can catch Spraygrounds pop-up from Tuesday 13th - Sunday 25th February in unit 26 of BOXPARK Shoreditch!