Style On Them Pop-Up @BOXPARK Shoreditch


5 Jul 17

Next up we have streetwear brand 'Style On Them' in our unit 26 pop-up! We Caught Up with founders Benny, Hanif & Kyle to fill us in on everything about 'Style On Them':


Tell us about who you are and what you do?


Style On Them Clothing - We are a clothing brand with a powerful message, founded in East London and built from the ground up ultimately just to inspire the youth and show them what they can achieve by not being afraid to express their creativity.


What does it really mean to Style On Them? The message is simple but impactful. Most of us grow in environments where the majority of people say that big dreams are unreachable. Being able to respond to that general mindset by actually becoming successful is where most people fail. In the case of the founders, they have expressed their creativity as an outlet, and that's what it means to Style On Them - 'Them' referring to anyone who has acted as a barrier to success in any way.

It means being able to use your talent and persona to shine on anyone who has doubted you, proving to them that you can be successful against the odds. It also represents being confident in order to do so; stepping out of your comfort zone and passing good energy on to people around you on your journey to success.


In the heavily gang cultured environment surrounding us in this city, the Style On Them family was founded on the principle of being able to put differences aside regardless of colour, race, religion, area or conflict. It is about being able to channel anger that results from being done wrong by and using it to fuel your success. Being able to do just that means you are styling on anyone who doubted you by retaliating with success.


Which song best sums up your brand?


We have a rapper in our collective (Bonez - @bloodandbonez) that has a conscious theme to his music, similar to ours. All of his songs have a very powerful message, advising the youth to not make the same mistakes he made and pushing them to do better and motivating people to chase their dreams over money.


The most powerful songs which have really motivated me to take this brand further include ‘Motivation’, ‘Badmind’, ‘Overseas’ and ‘Thuggin’. The list can go on for ages..


One thing I love about Bonez is the influence behind each lyric, its not a club or party vibe, you can only really appreciate him as an artist when you sit down and take in every word and truly embrace the message.


These guys (rapper Bonez, DJ Niro and Marley, the photographer, also referred to as the ‘Winners Culture’ team) quit their jobs to chase their dreams, and working as closely as we have with them has really been a huge motivational factor in the building of Style On Them as a brand.


Bonez and the rest of the Winners will also be visiting the pop up shop who are also part of our collective and have been heavily involved in our movement from the start. We hold weekly meetings with these guys where we plan for the future and work on our crafts, and because we also went to school with these guys, there is a lot of love and positive energy amongst us.


What can we expect from your stay at BOXPARK?


At the Shoreditch Boxpark Pop up shop where we will be showcasing our latest Inflamed SOT summer collection along with exclusive pieces that haven’t yet been released on our website.

We will also exclusively be launching our Long awaited Kids collection which has not yet been released online.

There will be 1 giveaway every day for 7 days - The chance to win a free hat from our Luxe Baseball Cap collection which is also yet to be released online. All customers and visitors will be entered into a raffle, come down and put your name in the box and at the end of each day we will reveal a lucky winner.

Which piece from your current collection is your favourite?


Most people who see our Bubblegum Pink Baseball cap instantly fall in love but me personally, I love the Inferno Tee in our latest summer collection because of the way the fabric feels when you put it on. But there is so much to fall in love with in our collection; if I had kids I would definitely dress him/her in our Ice Blue Jumper because it has a beautiful colour and contrast print.


What’s the best reason to come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree?


Because everything is so different, its not a typical shopping spree in a regular retail strip or shopping centre. Shoreditch is the home of the creators in life and that’s why we love it. In Shoreditch people sell stories more than products and that’s the real beauty of it, there is genuine love and authenticity behind everything being sold, unlike general shopping locations which are simply designed in a general way to target the masses.


What’s your top Shoreditch tip?


Dig deep, because like I said before there is so many stories behind all the creativity you see, the art, fashion, music and people in general. Every time I come to Shoreditch I meet people who inspire me or network with open minded people on a similar journey to mine and that’s the best thing about it. So I would say that if you’re in Shoreditch definitely look deeper in to things that intrigue you, and don’t be afraid to network and ask questions because you’ll find that even the strangers here can be so open minded and cool.


What does the future hold for your brand?


Our brand represents the beauty of diversity, and the acceptance of the creative traits within people that make each individual shine in a different way, so what better place than Shoreditch to host our own first official pop up shop. East London is the birth place of Style On Them and the home of each of its founders and where we got the majority of inspiration when starting this brand. We’re showcasing ourselves within our place of origin.


Firstly, we would like want to gain recognition through this pop up shop because we believe our message is one that needs to be heard by the masses. And that’s our goal for the future; just to be heard, and for people to know our story.


In this day and age, I believe there is more corrupting influences surrounding the youth than there is positivity and we as a collective are on a journey to change that. Our team consists of an artist (Bonez, conscious rapper - @bloodandbonez), DJ (Niro - @nirothadj), photographer (Marley - @maxexposure), fashion designers (Benny, Hanif and Styles - @b_sot @hanif_sot and @styles_sot), film makers (@winnersculture) and much more… Although we are separate businesses (Style On Them and Winners Culture), we have come together and utilized each others skills to climb the ladders and progress and created a strong brotherhood in the process. We were all raised in the same area which was heavily influenced by gang culture and as a result, all of us in some ways were caught up in this culture and lifestyle and made certain mistakes that could have potentially ruined our lives, but several fuck-ups down the line, we all managed to turn it around and that’s what we want the youth to understand – regardless of how deep you might be in a bad situation, there is always a way out, all it takes is surrounding yourself with powerful minded people and uniting with them to build something, and in the process you will gradually see that the bad minds within your team will naturally start to disappear allowing you to move forward from that lifestyle.


Along the way we have also built others up by allowing them to gain experience through joining us on our journey until they are ready to branch off to do their own thing, and in the process we have created a massive network of creative individuals who’s lives have changed through the work we have done together. And that is ultimately our goal and purpose, and why we started this in the first place; to inspire and change lives and eventually change the world!


You can catch Style On Them's pop-up from Tuesday 11th - Sunday 16th July in our unit 26!