Summer Bites


10 Jul 17

It’s been damn hot out there. Suspiciously hot even. We know it won’t last but we’re certainly going to make the most of it while it’s here. That means slathering on the sun cream and sprawling out in the hope of catching that summer glow…or, in some cases, lobster red. It’s drinking Pimms with lunch just because you can. It’s having to shave your legs because it’s far too hot for jeans. It’s tossing and turning at night because you can’t decide whether you want the covers off or on…because, you know…monsters.

Summer is also the only season that completely messes with your appetite. Heavy food just won’t cut it and cooking in this heat is a big no-no! So, what to do?

Well, fortunately, Boxpark happens to be the home of quality food. Whether you’re dining with friends or dining solo, whether you’re in our Shoreditch or our Croydon site; we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect summer dining accompaniment.

In Croydon, the lighter lunch boxes are running the show. This season, Nanny Outars, the awesome Guyanese roti house, are serving up fantastic roti and rice boxes that are to die for! Over at Wine&Deli it’s all about the fresh and healthy salad boxes which are available every day from midday to 5pm – so be sure to grab ’em while you can! Then it’s a jump to Lazeez, the home of the Lebanese tapas menu, where their salad boxes start at a very sexy £5.95 and there’s 10% off for students too. 

Over in Shoreditch, the ‘licious’ gang are keeping it fresh and flavoursome at Sushilicious and Falafelicious with their Middle Eastern and Japanese menus. Tuck into delicious freshly prepared falafel with a healthy side salad and hummus or get fiddly with the chopsticks and enjoy some superb fish and vegetable rolls. The choice is yours.

Fancy a hot bite to eat? Nothing says summer like sharers. It’s great to get friends, family and even colleagues together for some good grub and Arancina, Voodoo Rays and Poptata know just what’s up. The former is dishing up the tastiest pizzas in Croydon with a selection of fresh and tasty toppings, whilst Voodoo Rays is keeping palates well and truly satisfied in Shoreditch. If that wasn’t enough, Poptata are now serving their spectacular fries at both Croydon AND Shoreditch. You lucky things.

Fancy something cool and refreshing? Boxpark Croydon is home to Get Juiced – where cold presses, refreshing smoothies and gluten-free treats are the order of the day. If you have a sweet tooth then be sure to stop by Chillbox for a cool frozen yoghurt with your choice of toppings. At Boxpark Shoreditch, it’s the sterling work of Soft Serve Society and Nosteagia that’s keeping the crowds nice and cool and delivering bold and exciting flavours for people of all ages to enjoy.

So, this summer, there’s no need to pre-heat the oven and sweat it out in the kitchen; just get yourself down to Boxpark for something fresh and fun that will leave you well and truly satisfied.