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17 Nov 17

First up before you start reading, stick the radio on…


Rub-a-Dub-Dub brought the best sounds in reggae, dancehall and dub to Boxpark Croydon, and it was all made possible by Venum Sound, in association with 1BTN.

1 Brighton FM launched in April 2015 with the ambition to create a not-for-profit radio station that not only provides a mix of varied and eclectic musical genres, but also directly involves the community with the station itself. The station has achieved achieved a lot in the last two and half years; they joined the local DAB+ service in December 2015, and, in February of this year, Ofcom awarded them an FM community licence, broadcasting on 101.4 on the local radio dial. 

As with any volunteer-led organisation, funding is a daily challenge.

Together with substantial personal investment from the station’s two creators, 1BTN also receives some funding by way of advertising revenue, sponsorship, and presenter subscriptions. Now – for the first time since their inception – 1BTN need to turn to the wider community and ask for your help to keep them on air.

We sat down with, co-founder, Mickey Jukes to find out more.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Mickey Jukes and I am the founder of, 1 Brighton FM. We have recently undergone a rebrand and are now called, 1BTN. 

What is the story behind 1 Brighton FM?

1 Brighton FM was set up because there wasn’t a local radio service that I felt represented the style of music that myself, and a lot of people I know, listened to and were passionate about. Once I had decided that this was something that was viable, I set about finding a space to build the studio and it went from there really. A local, well respected, record dealer, DJ and producer called Chris Galloway, expressed an interest in renting a studio and swiftly became a director of the company. Together we assembled a roster of some of the best DJs, producers and music enthusiasts and it went from there. Other people then approached us to do a show and we formed a team of approximately 100 presenters rather quickly, to get the service moving online. Both Chris and I had a keen interest in working with local community groups and charities, so we engaged with a number of local concerns and that is something that has continued to this day.

How many people are currently involved in 1BTN?

Initially, we had the involvement of around 100 people and, since then, that number has grown to approximately 180; so we’re a big group.

What is the aim of the Crowdfunder campaign?

In short, we need money!

It also gives people who enjoy our service the opportunity to invest in its future. It may be that people haven’t heard of us before but they may be happy to support knowing a little bit more about us. This is an ambitious community project but we are also very focused on the quality of our service and the word is slowly spreading. We need people’s support to be able to continue what we are doing and the money raised from this Crowdfunder will be a massive help to us.


How will the funds raised support 1BTN?

We have pretty much funded the station out of our pockets for the last 2.5 years, which became totally unsustainable. We need to pay a few debts but, generally, any money raised from the Crowdfunder will help maintain the ongoing costs; it will kit the studio with much needed new equipment and we can put the rest towards our promotional campaign. 

We feel that the music is good enough to reach a national and global audience, so we would really like to start pushing and growing our online listener base, as well as the local community listener base. Once we start to increase the interest in our project then we can start to look at expanding. At some point, we would also like to build bigger studios. We also have plans to start a second live service, which will be solely dedicated to the local community; charities, community groups, local businesses and talk shows etc. The Crowdfunder money really gives us a good footing to be able to steady the ship and then look to implement our plans further.

How can people get involved or show their support? 

First and foremost, please give the Crowdfunder a few minutes of your time and if you like what you read, donate anything you can afford. We are giving gifts back for your money; £5 gets you a shout out, £20 gets you a T-shirt, £50 a hoodie. There’s loads of merchandise up for grabs. You can have an exclusive mixtape from your favourite DJ. There are business advertising packages and you can host your own show if you want.  All the info is there. 

We are also selling limited banner space and vocal adverts, so any businesses out there who may be interested, please get in touch. 

Finally, what was the last song you listened to?

The last song I played on my show this morning was Neil Oliver – Let My Music Take You. Afro tinged, feel good, Disco, Pop business. 

If you want to show your support and keep 1BTN on the air then be sure to head to the Crowdfunder page to pledge as much or as little as you can.


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