19 Aug 22

Teddy Lewis is a London born DJ who has been playing sets all over the UK and Europe while exploring the rest of the world as a keen traveller and blogger. Teddy Lewis first started playing music at a local Caribbean restaurant/bar at the age of 16, this is where his love for Reggae and Dancehall vibes formed. By the age of 18 he was hosting his own events and selling them out on his home turf, falling in love with the city’s nightlife scene.

Teddy Lewis took a few years out of the clubbing and performing scene before finding his way back about 8 years ago. Before a return to DJ’ing Teddy Lewis spent some time working in the US in Orlando Florida which included multiple trips and time spent in NYC. Here he was influenced hugely by the East Coast HipHop Sounds he would hear from the neighbouring apartment buildings on the upper-west side of Manhattan just underneath Harlem, and the street rappers he would encounter in Greenwich Village. His trips to Miami while in the US would only add the Latin Flavour, and Soulful House vibes to his growing catalogue and love for all types of music.

On his return to the UK, he would find work in various fields only for the music scene to comeback calling. This time he would dedicate all his time to learning and perfecting his craft on all formats. Taking all the flavours he experienced on his travels and adding them to the mixing pot that is a signature Teddy Lewis set. Going back to basics with Turntables, becoming a Specialist on CDJS, and being able to play on pretty much anything else from Controllers & USB’s to even dropping sets at house parties on his IPAD to get the party started!

Restarting from the bottom up, Teddy Lewis had ground to make up on lost time spent away from the scene and has been building a name on the DJ circuit with a growing reputation as one of Londons most exciting DJ’s, with sets ranging from authentic Old Skool Hip Hop vibes to Open Format Club sets and Festival performances which include everything from Dancehall to Jungle and Drum & Bass to Garage & Grime!

Wether you are yet to catch a Teddy Lewis DJ set or you’re already a fan, Be sure to find him playing around London, The UK, Europe and Global this 2022.