The Town that Love Built


17 Sep 18

September's exhibition at Boxpark Croydon celebrates 'The Town That Love Built', a poster series of striking and imaginative images celebrating the great and good of Croydon. We caught up with artist, Gavin Kinch, to find out more.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Gavin; I’m 6’3, a graphic designer, I’m from Croydon and my star sign is Aquarius. I like Gershwin, cartoons and time travel and I make retro-futuristic pictures for The Town That Love Built.

How did The Town That Love Built come about?

It was purely a reaction to an established sneer at a town that I grew up in, a town I loved. Croydon became the Wilhelm Scream of mediocrity in TV and cinema; find a joke about dreariness in obscurity and chances are Croydon is the punchline. I started drawing romanticised images of the town as a rebuttal; we were still licking our wounds from the riots and I wanted to show that you can find glamour and beauty everywhere, and it happened to capture the Croydon zeitgeist.

Where do you find inspiration when you're piecing together your images of Croydon?

I’d say equal parts DisneyWorld, Jules Verne, The World’s Fair, Epcot, Syd Mead and Stanley Kubrick.

Your prints are displayed in many popular locations throughout Croydon, are they available to buy?

I’ll be selling my full range of framed prints, posters and cards at the Made In Croydon Makers’ Market at Boxpark on 30th September, 10am-5pm, and for those who can’t come, you can buy online

What's next for this project?

I’m currently developing a series of fourteen murals for Boxpark’s next door neighbours - AMP House - exploring space, the future and Croydon skyscrapers; following this I’ll be working on a new canvas in the centre of town which seeks to satisfy my theme-park obsessions.

What's your Croydon top tip?

Bishops Wine Bar and Heart of Gaming, a drunken retro arcade combo. I beat a seven year-old at Daytona USA twelve times!

Finally, what was the last song you listened to?

Falco - ‘Rock Me Amadeus (12” US remix)

You can catch Gavin's exhibition, The Town That Love Built at Boxpark Croydon throughout September. You can also follow Gavin and his work on Facebook and Instagram.