Tour de France 2017


16 Jul 17

Boxpark Croydon’s summer sports screenings continue this week with the biggest cycling event of the year – the Tour De France.

It all kicked off on 1 July but there was this big event called Wimbledon, or something, that happened to be on at the same time; so we had to prioritise. Nevertheless, the 104th race in the Tour de France is on the move and, as usual, the most competitive long-distance cyclists from around the globe have donned their brightest jerseys and hit the roads in their bid for biking glory!

The race is made up of 21 stages and covers a whopping 3,540 kilometres – that’s just over 2000 miles! Which would be like cycling almost two thirds across the Atlantic Ocean. But why would anybody do that. The majority of the race stages are on flat, even ground but it also includes 5 exhausting hilly climbs and 5 agonising mountain tracks – which involves a lot of tiresome pedalling at varying altitudes. This feat of stamina hasn’t been attempted since 1992 when the five mountain ranges of Vosges, the Jura, the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Massif Central were last visited. There are also 2 time-trial stages to complete but, fortunately, the event features 2 rest days as well. Small comfort for these serious athletes.

Surprisingly, the Tour De France is not restricted solely to France. The race will see the cyclists soaring through Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg; as well as crossing a grand total of 34 French counties. 

It’s Team Sky who are representing Great Britain this year with a total of 8 riders in the race. But whoever you’re rooting for this summer, be sure to head down to Boxpark Croydon to catch all the action at the Tour De France 2017.