We’re gonna need a bigger loom


11 Sep 17

The London Loom was brought to life by Francesca Kletz and Brooke Dennis. These ladies honed their skills and passion for tapestry and weaving in very different parts of the globe. While visiting her sister Zara in Japan, Francesca discovered a small community weaving studio in Kichijoji; she took one afternoon beginners class and fell in love with the freedom and calm of the Japanese freestyle weaving process. Without anywhere to practice in London, Francesca trained to teach at a Japanese weaving studio in New York and decided to come home and open The London Loom. And Brooke closed her small sewing studio in New Zealand in 2013 to move to London with her husband and two children. In London Brooke discovered the art of weaving and bought her first loom.

This weekend, The London Loom come to Boxpark Croydon for a unique fundraising event.

On Sunday 17 September, we invite you to get hands on with a giant loom and give it a go yourself. You’ll learn to craft and weave for a great cause.

The London Loom is partnering up with Croydon based youth charity Off the Record to help drive the focus in supporting young people with a range of issues, including counselling for those battling mental health issues.

Off the Record was founded in 1994 to provide free, independent and professional counselling for 14-25 year olds living in the Croydon area. Over the years, the organisation has moved into other areas like specialist counselling for young refugees, and providing support for young adults, under the age of 26, who are caring for a parent or sibling. As well as providing face to face counselling, Off the Record also offers an online service, as well as a counselling service based in Sutton. They have carefully and lovingly created a warm, inclusive and safe space for young people to come and connect and open up.

There is still so much work to be done to understand and truly connect and support those battling with mental health issues, and Off the Record are providing invaluable support to so many young people across the borough who truly depend on the work they do. They are a passionate organisation with a dedicated team behind them and they use those strong qualities to further their outreach. 

After the huge success of the London Loom’s tapestry workshop at Boxpark Shoreditch, we’re certain you’ll love their new project this month and you’re welcome to come down, get creative and make a donation, however big or small, to Off the Record.