Introduction: What the Pitta


9 Mar 17

Earlier this month, a new vegan menu arrived at Boxpark Croydon and generated a lot of buzz.

What the Pitta is the new kid in town and they're serving up delicious vegan döners. But what's a vegan döner? 

Well, it all started when Cem told Roj that he no longer wanted to consume meat and dairy - he wanted to go Vegan. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for Roj to tell Cem all about his uncle's legendary Vegan Döner recipe. To test the legendary status of this special recipe, the pair travelled to Germany to go and try it for themselves. They were blown away by the full flavours and freshness and, of course, the fact it was meat free!

Just two weeks later, What the Pitta had opened up shop at The Pump in Shoreditch and began serving up their own, Turkish-inspired, Vegan Döners.

The refreshing take on a popular British street-food classic has garnered a lot of positive feedback and even a few famous fans - including Grime legend, JME.

Now, What the Pitta are making big waves at their new home in Croydon. It's a generous helping of some seriously good meat-free munch and the perfect lunchtime takeout.

So, if you're still playing Boxpark Bingo and working your way around all of the restaurants, there's a new menu for you to sink your teeth into.