Where’s My Dough?


6 May 17

So today National Doughnut Week begins! Check for more information here.

We’ve got something pretty serious we want to ask. The kind of question constantly nagging at the cerebral cortices of people all around London.

Who does the best doughnut in town? No, really? Is it Bread Ahead, with those heavenly pillows of joy? Is it the famous St John custard grenade? Maybe You Doughnut could stake a claim with their little dough balls, not complete unless brazenly topped with marshmallow, pretzel and the like, and served a la mode? Or maybe – just maybe – Dum Dum might throw their had in the ring? They were named by Forbes as the ‘Holy Grail of Donuts’, at any rate. And their creations have earned a place in Harrods’ legendary food hall. Besides, there must be a reason their bakery sells out every day.

Let’s put things into perspective, shall we? Five doughnuts from Dum Dum will cost you about £10. The same number from your local high street supermarket, not naming any names here, will cost you 65p. Know why? No – Dum Dum (or any of the aforementioned, for that matter) aren’t here to rip you off. These ‘nuts are made from real ingredients – think almond crème with pistachio, strawberries cheesecake, and crème brûlée – by people who actually know what they’re doing (founder Paul Hurley owned a Dunkin Donuts franchise once upon a time).

The thing about Dum Dum is that these babies aren’t deep fried like your average doughnut – baking means they come out a bit more cakey, and a lot less greasy. Yeah, you know what that means. Ask the healthy man – the kind of guy who brings his own duck liver pate and wafer-thin sourdough into work for lunch – where he gets his doughnuts, and he might just point you to Dum Dum’s Croydon or Shoreditch outpost. Just don’t expect them to have what you want all day – there’s a reason people tell you to get there before 3pm…