Wine&Deli Wine Tasting


12 Dec 17

Croydon’s favourite wine bar and server of big sarnies and small plates is hosting another wine tasting event at Boxpark.

Wine&Deli’s first wine tasting evening was such a roaring success that it just made good sense to host another. And so they are. On Monday 18 December, lucky ticket-holders will be able to sit and sip from a selection of the world’s finest tipples. There’ll be 7 wines to try, including some staple Wine&Deli favourites, and some brand new bottles.

All beverages will be expertly accompanied by a gorgeous selection of delicious cured meats from Islington-based Cobble Lane Cured. And what is meat without cheese? Nothing, that’s what. So, naturally, the boys behind the bar will also be dishing up some of the UK’s best cheeses for your dining pleasure.

We also heard on the grapevine (geddit?) that there may also be some mulled wine on the menu to help get you into the festive spirit.

Now, this month’s wine tasting evening is actually a complete sell-out, so this is effectively just a taster for those who already have tickets. But, fret not, the success of these events means that there are bound to be more, and with mouth-watering offers like these, it is impossible to resist. So, take this as a heads up for future wine tasting events with Wine&Deli and be sure to bag your place in 2018. For those of you lucky enough to have bagged your tickets for Monday’s event, Wine&Deli will be kicking things off from 7pm, so be sure to arrive a little earlier to settle yourself in for what is guaranteed to be a festive and delicious evening.