Winter Warmers


23 Oct 17

Feel that? Brrr.

We don’t mind the fresh, bracing mornings and the shorter days, but yeah, it’s not quite the weather for guac-stuffed tacos, watermelon salads, or froyo.

What we all really want is the naughty but nice. The kind of food that keeps the belly warm and the endorphins ticking. Naturally, that means a few Boxpark stalwarts become go-to traders during the colder months.

First up, there’s Bateman & Co. and their British classics – with particular interest paid towards the steak pie with mash, crushed peas and lashings of gravy. Is there anything more instantly gratifying? Maybe – Les Deux Amies’ crepes (infinitely better than the majority you find on Parisian streets, you will find) are just what le docteur prescribed for a bitter Autumn afternoon. Pick the goat’s cheese, pick the free range egg (no one’s carb-counting here), and pick the spinach, and bish bash bosh, you’ve got an extra winter layer for £5.50.

Then – oh, look – here comes Arancina, with an assuagement of Palermo-inspired deep-fried risotto balls, loaded with beef ragú and a stringy mozzarella centre, likely to have you hooked on arancini for evermore. Not quite? Then it’s straight to Bao Bao with you for their noodle soup: Slow cooked beef shin in beef bone broth with mooli, carrot, petal noodles (me neither), coriander, and – wait for it – sauerkraut. Hmm, German-Taiwanese fusion? Sure, why not. When it’s cold, warm and hearty sustenance becomes a necessity. You may as well do away with the rules anyway.