World Mental Health Day at BOXPARK


19 Oct 23

BOXPARK’s commitment to mental health was on full display last week as we rallied together to support World Mental Health Day. Decked out in green, the BOXPARK team came together to show their unwavering support for this significant day.


Within our organization, we’ve taken a proactive stance by appointing dedicated Wellbeing Champions at each of our locations, as well as at our Head Office. These individuals undergo rigorous training, including qualifications in Mental Health First Aid, equipping them to be a vital resource for their colleagues in fostering a happier and healthier workplace environment. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the perspective of one of our Wellbeing Champions: 

“As a BOXPARK Wellbeing Champion, I’m here for my colleagues whenever they need someone to talk to about any challenges they may be facing. Our training has provided us with the tools to know how to handle such situations effectively, but it’s not always about solving people’s problems. It’s about being that approachable, friendly, and confidential ear for those who may be struggling but are hesitant to make a fuss. As a team, we also devote time to discuss and brainstorm ways to enhance our workspace and culture, ensuring it remains as welcoming and nurturing as possible.” – Lewis Curtis, BOXPARK Head Office

BOXPARK is committed to prioritizing mental health within the workplace, and this endeavor is not just limited to World Mental Health Day. It’s a year-round commitment to ensure our team thrives, both personally and professionally. By investing in the well-being of our staff, we are creating an environment that values mental health as an integral component of overall workplace health.